Do you believe in past life?

I always wondered about past life and thought “Is it real?” On the one hand, I just can’t understand how beautiful, talented, creative, inspiring souls leave this world, because of a death of a body due to illness, getting old etc. On the other hand, how will a soul come back? Why would one soul come back and not the other? Also, in what shape? And can we really know who we were? Is there anyone in this world that can give us this answer?

Past Life- Is it real?

Past Life- Is it real?

There are so many things that I do in this life of mine, patterns in my behavior that I can’t really explain which always raise the question- are these traces from my previous appearance in this world? For example, why am I so afraid of driving if I’ve never tried? Deep inside I just know that if I go behind the wheel I will cause my own death. How can one explains that? Why do I feel so negative (or positive) about some me people without even knowing them and how can I make friends so easily just because “my guts” saying that they are good to me.

Why am I so scared of heights?

Why am I so scared of heights?

On my last trip to Koh Samui in Thailand, I got the opportunity to look into it for the first time in my life. I did it with Abigail; I didn’t put too much hope on finding the answers, however I was keen to see what’s this all about. While walking to the room, we had small talk about my work and the fact that I get to travel a lot and also about how much I needed this gateway from the last stressful weeks.

Thailand felt like the right place to explore my past life

Thailand felt like the right place to explore my past life

I don’t know why, but there was something in the air that didn’t feel right for me and I’m sure she could have felt it, since I wasn’t wearing my “happy face”. My rational was ruling me and all that spiritual talk she had sounded like something I don’t really believe, but I thought to myself, “Oh well, you’ve already paid for it £50, so I should at least give it a try”.

Her first word to me when she started the session was “Betrayed” and then she started to go into more details, I was in the army, highly ranked lieutenant and one of my best friends, my “brother”, the one I trusted the most betrayed my trust and actually “sold me”, stab me in the back, set me up, which caused my beheading. According to Abigail, this negative past experience came with me to this world and that’s why I don’t trust people easily. “If they want to get your trust, they need to work hard…. If they lose it, even for small lie, they lost you”. That is a very right statement about me, however is that true? Was I really betrayed in past life or is it something that Abigail could pick up from my behavior when we started the session or is it still me not trusting? You make the call.

Betrayed? me?!

Betrayed? me?!

From the guy that was betrayed, we moved to someone else, black guy, slave, that went on a boat from Africa to the U.S (might be Arizona, in 1926). That guy hated white people (can’t blame him if he was slave), he was torn from his family that was very important to him and was all alone (sounds familiar in a way). That guy dreamed about freedom and money (who wouldn’t?!). That guy also promised himself before he died that he would never be poor again and his freedom and family would be very important to him. This sounds like me, I never chased money, but I always said I don’t want to be poor and that if I have money I should give. Oh wait, I actually said that to my friend before I left to the session, I told her “I’ll give you the 500 bht so you can pay Abigail for your session”. I’m also the guy who spoke about travelling and exploring the world. On the other hand, I do say all the time to my friends and family that I find it hard being in relationship because it makes me feel that someone has taken my freedom. So did I really take that from that black guy or was it again,


Before we ended the session, I was told that I’m very old soul. With many past experience and somewhat complicated (duhhhh!). I don’t know if to believe it or not, but one thing that I have to say for the sake of Abigail is that it really made me think about it and also about the way I am. It will make me stop for s second before I act next time when I feel that someone is “betraying” me and also when I feel that I’m loosing my freedom. So I guess that it did came out good, whether I was the army guy or the black salve, I will use these stories to help me become better person.

What are your thoughts about it? Have you ever imagined who you were in past life and what have you been taken from it to your current life? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comments below.

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