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When someone you took photo of recognize themselves in the picture

“Omg!!!!! Thats me!!!!! Hahaha hilarious!!!!” – that is by far one of the most exciting comments to get on a photo on Instagram I like street photography; Walking around different neighborhoods and seeking for special moments that will capture my eyes and make me want to share that moment is something that I really enjoy doing. However more than that,

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Christmas Jumpers for your little Fluffs

Over the last few days Izo (@TheIzoTimes) was bitching about me on Social Media that I don’t want to buy him Christmas Jumper, clearly because I really didn’t. However, Zoe from heard Izo’s plea, acted quickly by contacting one her suppliers PetLondon and together they sent Izo two gorgeous Christmas Jumpers. This is how Izo reacted when he saw

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