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Do you believe in past life?

I always wondered about past life and thought “Is it real?” On the one hand, I just can’t understand how beautiful, talented, creative, inspiring souls leave this world, because of a death of a body due to illness, getting old etc. On the other hand, how will a soul come back? Why would one soul come back and not the

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How does it feel to be dead?

How does it feel to be dead? A bit like machine that stopped working. Your body is shutting down slowly. Everything becomes lighter and weaker. Hands fall down, head is too heavy to carry and your desire to keep on fighting for life disappears. There are no thoughts, nor flashback, just a great feeling of freedom. “You must leave”. It’s

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And then we met The Queen

Anyone who knows me is aware of my biggest love of all Izo, who has been important part of my life for more than 4 years, moved with me from Tel-Aviv to London and since we’ve met we are the unbreakable- tag team- Izo & Ido. Few weeks ago Izo was invited by Trusted House Sitters to join their table at

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