Vegan food in NYC? But I love my meat Red

I never thought that I would ever write anything about Vegan restaurant (or even go to one), because I am huge fan of meat (and eggs and milk), the furthest I “went” was vegetarian restaurant in London, but that was after having my meat meal for lunch. But this happened and here’s my Vegan experience story…

When my friend Miguel invited me to join him to a vegan restaurant (“not even vegetarian?!”, I asked) I was very sceptic about the food and what I’m going to find to eat there. However, since he is vegan and he asked me to join him there I took deep breath and did it.

The chosen place was “Peacefood Cafe”, near union square.; It was somewhat busy, but not in a loud or stressful way. It was actually very peaceful, just like its’ name. The staff members were very friendly hipsters (no offence) and were really keen to help me, the sinner, to find something that I like.

20141031-IMG_7025 My friend ordered us th  Pan- Seared Shanghai- Style which were incredibly good to start with and he also had weird (green) shake, which I couldn’t even smell but “Hey, he likes it. Who am I to judge?!”. Tolerance.

Must have Pan-Seared Shanghai- Style

Must have Pan-Seared Shanghai- Style

For the main corse, I knew that I want quinoa because

– “I love quinoa salad with chicken…”

– “Oh no. There’s no chicken?”

– “Fake chicken?! No thank. You know what? Yes. I’ll try.”

Oh god, I ordered myself a fake chicken. what the hell is that and how can fake chicken be tasty?


Few minutes later, I got my quinoa salad with my so fake chicken. It looked like chicken fingers so I was brave to take one dip it in their white sauce and pray to god that I won’t vom$€; I took a bite and surprisingly It tasted amazing and almost like chicken. Well, not sure I could actually tell.

“Omg, am I enjoying fake chicken? Am I going to be vegan now?”

Quinoa Salad with Fake chicken at Peacefood Café- big Surprise!

Quinoa Salad with Fake chicken at Peacefood Café- big Surprise!

Although my friend said that their desserts were great too, I must say that wasn’t impressed much; I took banana bread which was very dry and a macaroon which doesn’t look like French macaroon or taste. Coffee was great though.

After this incredible and delicious experience at Peacfood Café, I’ve added it to my top and favourite places to dine in New York city and I’m looking forward to go back there

Peacefood Café– 460 Amsterdam Ave, Manhattan, NY 10024, United States


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