The Best Vegetarian restaurant in London

If you ask me what are my Top 3 restaurants in London I would surprisingly say that there’s one Vegetarian restaurant on that list.

Everyone that knows me can tell you how much I love meat, but when I had Vegetarian friends visiting I had to find somewhere to take them and I am happy to have found Mildred’s- The Best Vegetarian restaurant in London!!!!

Mildred’s doesn’t take reservations so it means you might need to wait for a while if you get in their peek time (I would say it’s 19:15-20:45). The longest I waited was about 45 minutes, but in the meantime the guys from the bar entertained me and served me some alcohol drinks (not for free, of course). I am always surprised how many people already know about this little treasure place and willing to wait (like me) in the queue to be sited.

Very Diverse Menu

read the blog so you don’t get lost…

Whenever I go to Mildred’s, I usually share the food with the person(s) who comes with me, so then I can eat different dishes from the (very) diverse menu (Sharing is caring, don’t be snob and Joey does share food!); Although after so many times visiting there (and actually trying all the menu), I can spot my top 3 dishes.

So here it is, my favorite dishes:

1. Sunblushed tomato, mozzarella and basil risotto cake with wilted spinach, green beans and grape mustard cream sauce- £10.50


2. Sri Iankan sweet potato and cashew nut curry with yellow basmati rice with peas and coconut tomato sambal- £10.5Image

3. Organic energising detox salad with beetroot, carrots, fennel, sprouting beans, sultanas, coriander and toasted seeds with apple, organge, lime, ginger dressing plus amazing goat cheese,plus goats cheese- £7.95


I also tried and loved:

* the fresh tortelloni filled with pumpkin and ricotta, with chestnut mushroom, white wine cream sauce, drizzled with truffle oil (you can take this one as starter as well) 6.5/10.5

As for dessert, I am not going to show you a photo of it, because I don’t want you to drull on your keyboard, but I would totally recommend you to have chocolate peanut butter brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce which will give you the right sugar bomb that you need to end this amazing dinner you are having.

Enjoy your amazing dinner and don’t forget to write me how it was…

Check out the restaurant website for more details-


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