• my account is being hacked right now! they said I should stay up to protect my account and I’m crying! help!!!!

  • Alice Woodward

    honestly instagram has terrible support I reported my account and provided everything they asked for (screenshot of uncropped original image, me holding up a handwritten code etc etc etc) and they said they can’t help me. Honestly so so reidiculous, It’s been 2 weeks since the hack and I hate it so much… all that work.. down the drain

    • oh no… sorry yo hear that. did you get your account back? if not, because i received so many comments like yours, I’ve decided to write any post on how to get it back.

  • nurin.afrinaa

    Help me please. I want my account back!

  • My account was hacked and the hacker change the username, name, email address, password, and the bio. I message him/her with my personal account as you said, and he replied me with another language (which is not English), he then added me to a group of 10-15 instagram chat. I don’t know what to do again. Admin, can we chat on BBM or any social media for further advice?

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