Tallinn?! Is there anything to do there?

Going for New Year’s to Tallinn (Estonia) was probably one of the most random decisions I’ve ever made. So why did I do it? “Because I’ve never been there”. Duh.

Due to very busy time at work I didn’t get the chance to plan much for my Tallinn trip, so I decided to “go with the flow” and explore the city while I am there. I did get lovely email from VistTallinn and downloaded the app Create Trips for some quick insights of what and where to go.

From the airport to my hotel in the city center

When you get out of the airport you’ll find many taxis that will take you to the city center. The trip to my hotel cost me 8 euros (Tallinn is a small city so most rides are about 10-15 minutes). I stayed in Nordic hotel Forum which is located in the center of the city few minutes walk from old town, I have mixed feeling about it mostly because of the service I got.

Great Food scene and coffee shops

From the first moment, I walked out from the hotel I noticed the cities character on one hand it looked very “soviet” and traditional but surprisingly there was very interesting coffee and food scene.


My Instagram profile got great new images

and of course as passionate photographer and Instagramer, it was great experience and I’ve manage to explore the best of Tallinn do lots of street photography, which obliviously enriched my profile with lovely images.


From Tallinn to Helsinki

From Tallinn my trip continued to Helsinki (Finland), I did on a boat and booked through Direct Ferries. When you book, I recommend taking the Comfort Class; you will be on the top floor of the boat and get soft drinks, coffees and some snack for free (and you will feel very posh, which is always great).


Comfort Seat zone on the way from Tallinn to Helsinki

I don’t think that i will ever go back to Tallinn, however it is a lovely small and fairly cheap city and in 2.5 days you can see it all and maybe even do some shopping. Take in mind that if you are traveling like me at the end of December the temperature were -6 to -9 Celsius, so better pack some warm clothes.


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