My stay at Nordic Forum Hotel in Tallinn

Mixed feeling when it comes to Nordic Forum Hotel in Tallinn- want to know why? read below…

I booked two nights at Nordic Forum Hotel; The hotel is beautiful and has great location, but I was very disappointed with the service I got- The feeling they gave me was that all they saw in front of them was my wallet and not how beautiful I was;

I arrived one hour before check-in time, so the first thing the receptionist said (informed) me “if you want to get a room now and not at 2pm, you can add 20 Euros per night for it”. Really? that’s how they welcome their guests? no “Hello, welcome to Tallinn… here’s your city map… we are here…” or anything like that?


Very unfriendly staff at the Nordic Forum hotel

Luckily the hotel has storage room, so I could place my stuff there and explore the city in the meantime until I could do check in. It was very simple to do since there’s shopping center (viru) in front of it and the main attraction- Old town Tallinn is only few minutes away.

When I got back to the hotel, I was still not so welcomed at the hotel nor got any explanation about the hotel; The only thing was told “you didn’t book breakfast so you want it’s an extra charge of…”.

I decided not to take the hotels breakfast since I knew that Tallinn is fairly cheap city and that I would probably find better breakfast for less anywhere else (I tried two places and they were great and cheaper!).

The room was great. enough space for everything. No bath but shower which is open so prepare to get wet floor all over.

On the top floor there’s “gym” (don’t expect anything fancy, it’s the smallest you’ll ever see) and there’s also swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and mixed steam room.

As you can read I was very disappointed with The Nordic hotel forum, so the only reason to consider staying in this hotel is the location, however I believe that you will be able to find other hotel that would be cheaper and still near old town!

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