Photo-worthy Sightseeing in Tallinn

Since Photography is a big passion of mine, I am always very keen and excited to find places that will make my photo-album look stunning, so after exploring Tallinn, I can point out my favorite “Like-painting” Sightseeing

Old town

This is probably THE place to explore and see while you are in Tallinn. Allow yourself to get lost and, take your camera and let the streets tell you there story with the other people exploring them. On Christmas time there’s small Christmas market in Tallinn’s Town Hall Square so you should not miss that.

Tallinn’s Platforms-

Since Tallin has some great hills, you can get an amazing city views for the top of it. They call it “the platforms” (Harjumagi, Kohtouotsa Vaateplatvorm). Just walk around from one to the other for the stunning breathtaking view of the city.

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Stroomi rand- Tallinn’s beach

After exploring old town I decided to check Tallinn’s beach. On sunny days it’s probably packed and warm, however even though it was FREEZING, as a “beach fan”, I decided to take Uber and catch the last sunset of 2015. As expected the beach was beautiful (mind the cold) and

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Lihasaal- Farmers Market

If you are looking to see (and mostly capture) authentic photos of the people of Tallinn, I would highly recommend to check the farmers market. Don’t put any hopes on buying anything, but you will definitely get some amazing photos of the locals.

Kadrioru Park

The park is supposed to be very beautiful, however when I was there at the end of December because of the weather everything was frozen and it seems fairly dead. So I tend to say, If you are in the area, you should give it a peek, but not sure if you should go there  in particular.

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in 2.5 days in Tallinn I’ve managed to capture almost 1000 images, mostly street-photography but also some portraits and landscape shots.

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