Real Brazilian Acai in London

I’ve been looking for real Brazilian acai bowl in London for long time until I found THE one…

The top 4 things I love about Brazil are

Since I can’t have the first two while I’m in London, I’ve started “the search for a real Brazilian acai Bowl outside of Brazil”. So What’s acai? some of you may ask- small berry, round, black-purple drupe and from what I heard it has some good healthy nutrition qualities.

When I went to Brazil for the first time, I had acai for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a bowl with granola and banana (or sometimes in shake)

Since I moved to London, I’ve been exploring various places that sells acai bowls but non of those were like the real one. In Crussh it’s called “Acai Strawberry Breakfast Bowl” and just like it’s name it’s more Strawberries and just a bit of acai (and also apple juice blended) served in between layers of granola and fresh banana.

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The acai in Antipode London is not even close to the original in Brazil, because it’s made of Acai powder and mixed with almond milk, however I really like it and I describe it as “fusion acai” (just as they do it in NYC at Juice Generation); What I really like about it is that they add Almond butter.


Acai Bowl at Antipode London- made of powder but still great quality and I love the almond butter

But now, I’ve finally found the one place that is the closest to the taste of the real Brazilian acai located in Central London, 2 min walk from Gloucester Road underground station- Viva Acai!

They make the acai with real frozen acai from Brazil mixed with Banana and guaraná syrup (to make it sweeter) and you can choose different toppings to make it richer.

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Since I’m so impressed with their acai, I already took my friend (and talented blogger) Ashleigh Brooker and my cousins Ohad and Roni that have been to Brazil so they could give their feedback- They Loved it.


Acai in the making-

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The frozen acai is being blended with banana and guarana syrup

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There are two options for granola- one with almond and raisins and the other is with coconut (more sweeten)

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Besides the banana in the blend with the acai, you get half banana as a topping

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Some blue berries to add more flavours

Made with Live GIF (5).gif

Dates to remind me of Israel

And my acai is ready-


so if you are looking for real Brazilian Acai in London, unless I find anywhere better I recommend you of going to Viva Acai-  Unit 15, Gloucester Arcade, 128, Gloucester Road, London, SW7 4SF.


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