No more crazy currency exchange fees

For many years, before I traveled, I have always hesitated what is the best way to exchange currency- Should I go to my bank? Should I wait until I get to the other country and withdraw money from the local ATM? Or must I go to currency exchange place? and if I decide to do that, should it be in my country or in the foreign one?

Those days are finally over thanks to a new service I recently discovered that made my life so easy and saved me some money; So what is this new service – Imagine you could replace your money with someone else’s money from different country.

Sounds simple and easy, isn’t it? So the new service I just started using is called “WeSwap” and it allows you to top up a master-card with money (through simple app) and then get that money swapped to the other currency in 7 days (1%), 3 days (1.3%) or instant (1.4%).


When they say 0% at the currency exchange we all know it’s never the case

I was very suspicious about it, however before my last holiday, I decided to try the service. I ordered a new card (for free), loaded it with £300 and swapped it with Euros. After 7 days the swap was completed and I got 401.48 euros on my card.


At the airport In Tallinn and in Helsinki, I decided to check with two currency exchange there “how much euros would I get for £300?” I asked and both ladies at the cashiers responded confidently “We have the best rates, you will get 350 euros”. Best? hmmm not sure. I smiled at them and left knowing that with the money I already saved (50 euros), I am going to have an amazing dinner..


“Free meal” thanks to the money I saved.

So what are the faults?!

  • Minimum load on the card is £50
  • Not all currencies are available (I’m flying next month to Brazil and the service doesn’t support Brazilian real)
  • There is extra fee- even though I got the 7 days swap for 1% due to extra 4.06 euros the % was 1.35. (which is still way cheaper than other places, but still).
  • Not all businesses support MasterCard so you are advised to withdraw money. If you want to withdraw without paying extra fees, you need to withdraw more than £200.

It’s important for me to say that this is not sponsored post and I am writing it based on my personal experience and the joy I felt when discovered this service. As mentioned I highly recommend you to try it and when you do, please do it via my WeSwap link which will give us both £5 free.


Goodbye hidden fees and crazy exchange rates

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