When someone you took photo of recognize themselves in the picture

“Omg!!!!! Thats me!!!!! Hahaha hilarious!!!!” – that is by far one of the most exciting comments to get on a photo on Instagram

I like street photography; Walking around different neighborhoods and seeking for special moments that will capture my eyes and make me want to share that moment is something that I really enjoy doing. However more than that, I enjoy people recognizing themselves in my photos, unfortunately this doesn’t happen to often.

While walking in the streets of Bricklane Market, I’ve noticed a nice exterior of a coffee-shop which was called “Vintage Bean Cafe” and just like a staged scene, I spotted beautiful young lady having her coffee… so I snapped a photo of her and kept walking. Didn’t say a word to her. Neither she.


Few weeks later I got a comment on there photo “Omg!!!!! Thats me!!!!! Hahaha hilarious!!!!”, which really amazed me (you never know if someone like their picture being taken or not). So I started a conversation with her and realized that… she was Israeli, like me. How odd?! huh? And guess what?! She loved the photo I took of her. (thank god!)

Apparently one of her friends in London was following me and basically told her that she should too, so while looking at my feed, she just found herself in one of my photos. It was clear for us that we need to meet at the same place and just like the first time, she was there with her chic having coffee and reading magazine- so I snapped again.


We immediately became friends and had lots to talk about, which was fun, however it couldn’t be it, until she meets my baby- Izo, right? So we decided to meet again at the same place with Izo.


Izo loved  Noa (@noita100) and you could see in the photo below, how sad he was when he discovered that she decided to actually leave London and go back to Tel Aviv. I was disappointed too.


But in order to keep a high moral, we’ve decided to look for our new #LadyInAcoffeshop, so I put Izo to be in charge of doing auditions for the role.


At First I brought him a hot black Labrador chick (aka “Puppy”).
But he wasn’t impressed, so I thought that if I’ll bring him two hot girls, he would be pleased…


but he wasn’t. So my friend from Vietnam Mai thought that if she bribes him for his Birthday with a cake, she could win his heart and the role of #LadyInAcoffeshop.

But that didn’t work out either. So I thought that if I’ll ask my celebrity friend Trinny Woodall to come and then we willfinally be able to announce the new successor for this role


However as much as Izo liked Trinny, he wasn’t convinced she’s the one for him, so Trinny nominated her dog Lilly


Yet, The role was not taken and before I lost my patience, I thought maybe it should be a guy instead of a girl, so I’ve got the talented Norwegian celebrity Blogger Espen Hilton (aka @EspenHilton to try his magic on him)….


But Izo was not happy with him either and kept longing for the original #LadyInAcoffeshop.

It didn’t work even when I brought the chief tv producer Orly Topel to convince him…



so at the end, I decided that there should not be anyone replacing that special moment with our #LadyInAcoffeshop. So I set on her chair and explained Izo that she will always be The One.


Izo and I at Vintage Bean Cafe

If you want to see the coffee shop or maybe take photos of it-

Vintage Bean Cafe, 8 Cheshire St, London E2 6EH


  • Loved this story!
    I once was an exchange student in Australia. Going home I bought a lot of books and booklets of Australia. And when I came home, I showed them to my family. And looki look! There I was in one of the books! Holding a coala bear at a national animal reserve!
    Soooo fun!

  • Awww awesome story! Love serendipitous travel moments like that.

    • Last week in Tallinn, when I took out my #ido8allbus from my bag, one guy approached me saying that he recognise my bus from my Instagram account. I was shocked!!!!

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