To all the cereal lovers out there

“Why would I want to go to eat cereal in a coffee-shop?!” I thought, but then something happened…

When my cousin Eitav came to visit with his girlfriend Lotem, they included “Cereal Killer Cafe” on their London to-do list and all my attempts to avoid going there failed, so we did.


Cereal Killer Cafe should be also called “Cereal heaven” and even though I don’t even eat cereals I was blown away by the concept; The staff was mega friendly, everything was so colorful and photo worthy and looking at the different options in the menu was not easy to do as there was so much to choose from. In the meantime our cameras and phones were out and in action so we don’t miss documenting it as well.


If you are adventurous, all you need to do is choose your cereal, pick the size (S/M/L), pick the milk and add the topping.


However if you are like me and prefer to choose something that one already tried, I go for one of the combinations from the menu.


The chosen one for me was- Bananarama: Banana, Nutella,  Mini Weatbix banana and banana milk… (£4.6)


and I absolutely loved it so here’s a big smile on my face and lots of cereal in the background.


My cousin Eitav also choose combination from the menu and took “Unicoron poop”: Ricicles party ring, 100’s 100’s fluff, marshmallows and guess what? he loved it too!!!


Since we visited on Christmas time, they had special combintation on the menu so Lotem too it- Merry X MESS– Shedies, coco shreds, maltesasers, MN’M, Tea cake, ginger bread, hot milk


Oh wait and the highlight for me was that it’s a dog friendly place, so Izo could join us…

IMG_7162and he even got his own plate with cereal… #AMAZING


By the way, if you walk in and it looks packed (probably it will), don’t worry because they have seating downstairs too…

So if you are in Bricklane area on Sunday, and want to have great experience, ignore the price and Go to cereal killer cafe!

Don’t forget to take many photos and let me know which combination was your favorite.



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