“Found!”- The perfect beach in Thailand

I usually don’t mind writing about anywhere I go to, however I was really hesitating if I want to share my experience in Railay Beach for a very selfish reason- I don’t want others to go there.

While doing a research before going to Thailand I discovered that there are many beach destinations (Koh phi phi, koh Samui, koh phangan, Phuket, etc…) which confused me a lot, but after chatting with my cousin Sivan, I decided to actually go to south of Thailand to Railay Beach, which is located in a city called Krabi.

I went to Railay Beach on rain season (first week of October); Forecast showed 60% rain everyday, but I guess that I was lucky on the first two days the rain started only after 6pm and on the other days after 8pm for about an hour and then stopped.

Getting there: When arriving at Krabi airport, look for the bus shuttle to “Ao Nang”, which cost about 100BHT (£2/$2.8). Your stop is “LongTail boat”, where you take the boat to Railay also for about 100BHT. (The full journey would take you about an hour and twenty minutes).


From this point you’ll have to jump to the water carrying your suitcase to shore

The boat leaves with 10 people, we were 8 so we all paid for the 2 missing and hit the road. Take in mind that you might need to get into the water to pop on the boat, so I would recommend to change to your swimsuit and flipflops (sandals).

When you get to Railay beach you understand that there are two sides for the beach (actually 3)- West Railay beach, East Railay beach and Phra Nang Beach. I stayed in Railay bay resort (I will post about it soon) which so my room was close to east side meaning I had quicker walk to Phra Nang Beach).


Phra Nang beach in Railay beach is like being in a postcard

I can assure you that you will spend most of your “beach time” in Phra Nang Beach; Such an amazing and peaceful beach. Water is clear and beautiful blue. I got addicted to it and couldn’t stop taking photos of it.

On the beach you will find some local boats that sells food and drinks, I think that I had 3 fruit shakes every day (coconut+ banana and milk is my recommendation).


Food and smoothies on each one of these small boats

There are some “daily tour boats” that are dropping passengers for the day, but this didn’t affect my experience.


On the way to/from Phra Nang Beach you will see sign saying “climbing point to Lagoon and ViewPoint”. I am not a fan of hiking however I would definitely recommend you to climb to the top, it’s not very hard (but it is challenging) and it’s free!


Don’t miss the ViewPoint of Railay beach

Besides the beach my second/first favorite “attraction” was the local monkeys. Because I believe that feeding them is not healthy for them, I gave them fresh water from a bottle I brought from the hotel, which was nice because they climbed on me and I could really feed them with the water. The monkeys will try to steal things from you (most likely any kind of food) so don’t have anything they should not have exposed.


They will jump on your shoulders, get ready for some cool photos

Take in mind- don’t smile to them; showing the teeth is sign of aggression (You will see that they do that when they are angry). Don’t be afraid of them, as long as you are acting right you could really enjoy having real monkey walking on you.


The monkeys will steal stuff from your bags. Please try hiding your alcohol

West Railay- nice beach to swim in. but when you get to Phra Nang Beach you don’t want anything else.


West Railay beach is also nice for swimming

East beach- not for swimming. Mostly used for transportation and days tours. When the tide is low it looks bad and muddy. Note- if you take daily tour and get back let at night make sure you take Lantern, when the tide is low on this part and dark the snakes are out and you don’t want to mistakenly step on one.


When the tide is low on East Beach, you might “meet” some snakes

At night you can find lots of small bars and restaurant which were very nice to spend chill evening and meeting new people from all over the world (“Last Bar” was making lots of effort bringing singers, have ring in it, fire exhibitions. Mama’s kitchen has good local food (cheap).
I did great massage in viewpoint massage (next to the resort with the same name); It was nice and clean place and the masseur was very professional.


Get ready to capture the best sunsets EVER!!!

If you made it till here, it means that you are really considering going to Railay Beach, so I can only be jealous and wish you to really enjoy your stay on Railay beach…

Selfie with a monkey

Send my love to my new buddy

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