Going to Cambridge with your dog?

Travelling with your loved dog is not always easy thing to do, because you need to find a dog friendly hotel that is dodgy or located in a random uncomfortable location so when I went to Cambridge I was happy to find hotel that match my demands.

The Gonville Hotel is located 5 min by taxi or 13 minutes walk from Cambridge train station close to one of the main streets where you can find lots of restaurants to and bars to go at night.

Check-in was very helpful and friendly at all time. we were welcomed with big smile and were offered any help and information needed. (We were recommended a Greek restaurant which was brilliant).


mind my mess

The room (003) was big and comfortable. I loved the bed and basically didn’t want to leave it.


Izo Loved the bed too

Only problem was that I couldn’t figure out how to turn off the AC so I was frozen for a while 🙂 (maybe I should have just called reception for it).

Breakfast was great. There’s buffet and also menu to order which was wide range of food and tasted great- which made me very happy.

Two things that bothered me:

  1. I was disappointed to find out that even though the hotel charges £13 for breakfast, if you want to drink cappuccino (which they offer while taking breakfast order) they charge extra for it.
  2. The hotel is dog friendly and charges extra £25 per night (too much taking in consideration that they don’t provide anything for the dog

well, since I paid £25 extra for having Izo, at least he could have bath too

If you wonder about WIFI then there’s a very strong and good signal all around.
Bottom line, if you are going to Cambridge with your dog and looking for luxury hotel that is quite central- go “The Gonville”.

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