America in Tel Aviv- Burgers addicts watch this space

“There’s a new great burgers place you must check out when you are in Tel Aviv” was a message I got from my friend, so I checked it and…

When my friend Omer texted me that there’s a new “good burgers place” in Tel Aviv, I knew that I must check it on my visit even though I wanted to focus on the more local food and my favorite restaurants.


I guess nothing can beat a recommendation by local

In the menu there were different combinations to choose from which was great, however if you don’t like one ingredients you may not be able to ask to remove it since some of they don’t allow changing some of the combinations (which upset me a bit).


After hesitating a lot, (I really didn’t know what to choose), I took the spicy burger which was amazing decision. The beef was rich flavored and i could barely move after the meal.


I wish I could have more of this now…

So if you are in Tel Aviv and just walking back from the beach, you should definitely grab lunch at America Burgers (I can’t wait to go back and try some more).

America Burgers-
Allenby St 112,
Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6581705, Israel

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