Must do in Bangkok- Weekend Market

There’s so much to do in Bangkok, however after spending more than 8 hours in one market, it should definitely enter your “must do” list in Bangkok. Want to know why?

I was very excited going to Bangkok to meet my friend John and his wife Pere but also since I’ve heard so many things about it and mostly about the shopping in the city (the amazing food is obvious- who doesn’t like Thai food, right?).


How can I not be excited with some quality time with my friends John and Pare?!


Barging is part of the game

Since it was my first time in Bangkok I really wanted to see day and night markets, so I chose JJ market (aka Chatuchak Weekend Market) and the night market in Patpong (which disappointed me- everyone were selling basically the same things).
I went to JJ Market on and on Saturday morning using the Metro (MRT) to Kamphaengpecth Station.

My biggest mission in the market was to buy stuff for Izo, my dog, because as you could see on the video, he was not very happy that I left him back in London. I also wanted to buy some local products to my friend Lauren who took care of Izo.


When I got to the market area, my heart was beating so quick, it was “market paradise”. Very colorful and HUGE!


very big market. you can find anything you want

At first I was lil’ lost, but it was great feeling, because any direction I took there was something happening. I could spot lots of souvenir and hand made furniture, carpets, clothes,  fake brand bags/clothes/ watches, food, etc…


Endless gifts options at Chatuchak Weekend Market

If you are pets lovers you will be amazed by the variety of dogs’ accessories. From costumes to clothes, toys, bags and food. I felt like I’m in dogs’ heaven and I couldn’t stop buying for my little fellow.


Are you ok with fake brands? get ready to find anything you need

They also sell dogs and cats and out of curiosity I looked at the prices which seemed to be very cheap, however I don’t know what the regulations of exporting animals from Thailand are, so I wouldn’t take the risk.


Izo got lots of gifts to hopefully make him forgive me

As for my gifts to Lauren, I found some hand made soaps in different shapes, colors and smells so I bought it all…
Mission accomplished and I realized that besides that great coconut ice-cream they sell there I forgot to eat which really summarizes how i felt there.


Don’t miss the cocnut ice cream

Take in mind that you can (and you should) always barging and give them the price you want, don’t worry, they will still earn money.


Thai people are known as very nice and friendly

and this is Izo’s reaction when I showed him all the new things I bought for him…

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