Perfect place for Wine & Dine- High Timber

I’m always excited to discover new places for high quality food, so you better read what I have to say about my new favorite posh restaurant aka High Timber

I am known as a food lover (hence my handle- @ido8all– Ido ate all) so when my friend John (from NYC) invited me to his new “hidden” food & wine gem in London- High Timber, I couldn’t resist checking what he is so excited about-

IMG_0019The moment I walked in, I could feel that this is going an amazing experience. The place is quite posh which immediately raised my expectations.

I was so stunned by the place so I got a special tour to see the kitchen, the private dinning room and last but not least THE WINE ROOM


Let them advise you on which wine matches your meal

I don’t know if this happens every night, however when I was there, Neelan, the owner of the place, was walking around the tables to see that everything is OK with all the guests and she is the one that actually helped me decide what to order (I am always worried that I will choose the wrong dish).


choosing what to eat when you are first timer is hard

For starter I took – Crispy Hen’s Egg bacon, wild mushroom, Parmesan mousse, mustard- which was delicious and great decision- YEAHY!!!


only £7.50 for this amazing starter

and for main I went for the Fillet- Served with HT chips (£32.00 200g * £40.00 250g) which was amazing.



soft and raw- just as I like my meat to be

Because I am not a big fan of red wine, I thought that it would challenge them to match wine to my food, however I’ve got stunning white wine (sorry, I am bad with names) which went perfectly well with the meat. (I would suggest you let them consult you with the wine. They clearly know what they were talking about).


White wine that complimented my steak

For dessert we took the Seasonal Cheese which knocked me down in such a good way.


I have a French Soul- I love cheese

Absolutely amazing wine and dine experience, I would definitely recommend to any wine and quality food lovers to go to High Timber. By far one of the best restaurants in London. Note to myself to go there in daytime so I can also enjoy the beautiful location inf ront of the river.

High Timber
8 High Timber Street


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