Don’t Touch my Meatballs!!!

It’s no secret that I love food, well that’s why my handle on social, since I’m teenager is @ido8all (Ido ate all), so when I flew to Stockholm I knew that I need to find the BEST PLACES TO EAT or else, I would be very disappointed (and angry/hungry). So”How can you find good (quick) recommendations by locals?” you’ve got the right, you ask on social. so I did.

And here are the beautiful (and tasty) responds that I’ve got:

Stockholm is well-known for its’ seafood, but I only wanted mussels and maybe good (Norwegian) Salmon. For that I got recommendations to go to Belgobaren (oppsss it’s not Swedish, but Belgian) and I did. I wanted mussels so I ordered 1/2 kg of the mussels with creamy sauce. The sauce was ok, nothing special to make me want to really want to finish it and the mussels didn’t feel as fresh as i expected it to be in Stockholm.

Not the best mussels I've had...

Not the best mussels I’ve had…

Luckily i ordered for main the Baked salmon loin with Västerbotten cheese, glazed beets & white wine sauce served with a potato & cauliflower cake flavored with truffle oil which was AMAZING and actually one of the salmons I’ve ever had. It was super soft and felt fresh and the truffle oil on the potatoes made it delightful.
I would go back for the salmon, not for the mussels.

Amazing Norwegian salmon was found in Stockholm.

Amazing Norwegian salmon was found in Stockholm.

Belgobaren– Bryggargatan 12, 111 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Ok… so now I needed to try a real Swedish place that serves meat (I was aiming Beef Tartar) direction- Djuret. Since I was alone and didn’t make any reservations (typical me), I took the 3 courses meal starting with minced tartar that was delicious that i almost asked for more. brilliant combination of the flavors.

Swedish Beef Tartar

By far the BEST BEEF TARTAR I’ve ever had!

Everything about the tartar was just about PERFECT. Right after that main course was served- sirloin, leg braised in red wine and so so yummy sausage. one again, the taste of this combination meal was exciting to my mouth, couldn’t stop smiling. Before dessert I’ve tried some cheese that came wit fruit bread which was very tasty.

One of the most amazing dishes I've ever had. Go Djuret!

One of the most amazing dishes I’ve ever had. Go Djuret!

The almond cake for dessert was little bit weird but not in a bad way, it was light and refreshing. Service was excellent. They really make an effort that you feel good in their place. and also no stress or tension coming from the kitchen. all very quiet. Loved it ALL.

Djuret– Lilla Nygatan 5, 111 28 Stockholm, Sweden

The only big food disaster was when I was craving for some Korean food. hold on?! Korean in Sweden?! well, that’s me and my craving. So when I was looking for places to have my favorite Korean dish Bibimbap I found few but the only one that was open (due to Easter) was Go ChooWhen i looked on Go Choo website, I already understood that it’s not going to be RAW egg and Raw meat Bibimbap, however when I got the dish to the table the egg and the beef were SO Overcooked (what’s higher than well done?! burned out!) that it was very disappointing.

This is how Bibimbap should not look like!

This is how Bibimbap should not look like!

When I ask for spicy sauce I was spotted at a sauce that was actually sweet which didn’t support the bitmap experience. Two good things were- The Kimchi which was great (I used its’ sauce to cover the lack of spiciness in the Bibimbap) and also the free Miso soup.

I would say DON’T Go Choo Upplandsgatan 78 STOCKHOLM

Last but definitely not least For amazing Swedish meatballs – I would say – Go BromsThe very stylish restaurant with the (sooooooo) beautiful employees welcomed me with a big smile and I was seated within 10 seconds (5pm) As the title states, I went for the meatballs (£14), but when I saw that they also have beef tartar (£11.5) I couldn’t resist and ordered half portion of that too.

Amazing Swedish meatballs were found at Broms in Stockholm!

Amazing Swedish meatballs were found at Broms in Stockholm!

The meatballs came first and god, they were AMAZING! The combination of flavors, freshness which melted in my mouth made it just as I expected it to be and if i could eat more, trust me I would!
After finishing that, I got my fresh beef tartar with RAW egg, which didn’t fail to impress me too and it was just as delicious as the meatballs. So if trendy restaurant and meatballs is your thing- i would definitely recommend Broms.

What a tartat.... @Broms

What a tartat…. @Broms

Broms– Karlavägen 76, 114 59 Stockholm, Sweden

My culinary experience in Stockholm was quite successful and I really enjoy the smart cooking and very stylish places I went to. Definitely try the places I recommended above and skip the one i didn’t. Bon Appétit!

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