Ending can be the Beginning of something better

Alcohol won't help you find the answer

Alcohol won’t help you find the answers

Are you satisfied with your life? Are you grateful every morning when you wake up? Do you follow your dreams and fulfill yourself with achievements? Are you Happy? I ask myself these questions quite often and most of the time the answers to all four are- yes, yes, yes and YES!

But it wasn’t easy to achieve nor easy to get. The first thing was to acknowledged the fact that I needed a change and second was to accept that it’s going to be a journey that may not be easy at all time, but at the end of it I will be able to answer Yes to all questions above.

End now, so you can start over

End now, so you can start something new

I used to work on TV. That was my dream since I was a child. I was part of many successful TV shows in Israel from “The Israeli Idol” to “The Big Brother”. So when I decided to leave that (and also the lifestyle that comes with it) many people thought that I was crazy (“I think Ido his making the biggest mistake of his life”).

However to me after doing TV for almost 9 years, I felt that I need to take pause from this stressful environment, lack of sleep hours and the feeling that I am doing brain surgeries every day which I was not. Don’t get me wrong, I loved working on TV and I miss it a lot, I was proud of every production I did, but yet it was the time for me to move on and search for my next thing, my next dream, my future goal.

You don't need something traumatic to wake you

You don’t need something traumatic to wake you

How do you get out of your comfort zone?

How do you get out of your comfort zone?

Many people are waiting for something to shock them so they can justify and accept that they need to make changes; Doing something that gets you out of your comfort zone is never easy but it may move you to your next/new comfort zone which may be better than the one you are stuck at now.

Being stuck is negative and usually leads to depression. I also find it funny that many people think that being happy is easy, well it’s not. I actually think that being down and depressed is super comfortable; drowning is much quicker than floating or climbing up.

I try to think of myself when I am down. What is the thing that gets me up on my feet again?! How do I manage to keep it positive at all time and not to drown when that’s the easiest solution.

I usually take paper and pen and start writing the problems. I talk to myself, even doing it in front of a mirror so I can deal with someone, with myself. After seeing the problems “Black on White” I can start addressing them. Solving the problems doesn’t mean jumping for A to Z. Give yourself the time to work on the changes and have some small achievements, that together will be big.

The beautiful and talented Roberto

The beautiful and talented Roberto did an amazing job bringing my thoughts and feelings into video

A New Year (2015) is great time to start working on that list of things that you want to get and achieve. The changes that you need to bring to your life, the endings and the goodbye.

I’ve decided to shoot a video with my dear talented friend Roberto Ruiz for the song “Old Goodbyes” by Pajaro Sunrise. Roberto is very sensitive guy, he is successful model and becoming great journalist. Something in the connection between us made me realize that I can tell the story of “Ending one thing and starting in other”, making that change, metaphorically of course (don’t do drugs (taking pills) nor like to drink) with him-

“It’s like you said:
Sometimes you pretend
And sometimes you just forget
As pages are turned over.
But some lines remain in your mind
Through the test of time
To carve their way into your old goodbyes.”
So tell me, what is you 2015 New Year’s Resolution?

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