Christmas Jumpers for your little Fluffs

Over the last few days Izo (@TheIzoTimes) was bitching about me on Social Media that I don’t want to buy him Christmas Jumper, clearly because I really didn’t.

Izo Is wearing my Christmas Jumper

Izo’s message was very direct. He is upset and he wants Christmas Jumper!

photo 2

However, Zoe from heard Izo’s plea, acted quickly by contacting one her suppliers PetLondon and together they sent Izo two gorgeous Christmas Jumpers.

This is how Izo reacted when he saw his new jumper… this dog never ceases to surprise me.

and here’s Izo posing just for you…

First Let’s start with Izo’s favourite- Pet London Flashing Dog Sweater Christmas Tree which you can buy here for £24.99.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and now to my favourite, Pet London Christmas Dog Sweater Penguin also for £24.99. you can find this beautiful sweater here

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Which one is your favourite?


Once again, Thank you AstarPets and PetLondon for the beautiful Christmas gifts you sent Izo.

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