Living the Dream at #MyLuxuryRetreat in LA – My Video Diary

I know it took me awhile to edit the videos from #MyLuxuryRetreat vacation in Hollywood Mid-Century Modern villa, However if you are looking for luxury break in Los Angeles, I believe that these video will help you to plan the best stay ever.

I was probably drunk when I booked my flight tickets from London to LA , otherwise I can’t explain the reason I took connection flight through Amsterdam (doesn’t make sense, I know)


When I got to the villa, Sean, concierge in LA, was waiting for me and showed me the house. This guy was amazing and was really caring that I will have the best experience ever and I did.


The first “activity” that Sean booked for me was the amazing Concert “we Can Survive” staring Alicia Key, Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Sia and Lady Antebellum.


After staying late because of the concert adrenaline and also due to the fact that the bed was mega comfortable, waking up in the morning wasn’t easy task…


However when I did wake up, I was either eating, sun bathing or doing some kind of Luxury activity. oh yeah, I made my own breakfast.


Since I like staying fit, Sean from LuxuryRetreats booked a private trainer just for me. The session with Evan Ayers was intense as you can see.


After the tough training session (thank you Evan!!!), Massage with Amanda from Inside Out Mobile Spa was the best thing I could ever ask for. Have you heard of cupping?


Another morning, another waking up with this incredible view


I haven’t done Pilates for a while, so I was very happy to have Brieze Lafferty to work with me. Due to her feedback at the end, I think I’ve done well. what do you think?


When Rashida from Inside Out Mobile Spa I was thinking “oh no, this is going to be one of those spiritual massages”, well, It was spiritual but also very good for my body so I was happy with it.


Last evening at the villa I didn’t want to summarise this experience but apparently I did, so here’s what I had to say about it. How can you summarise and end such a great vacation?


06:00am on my last day I was out to see the sunset and enjoy one last swim in my incredible pool

Saying goodbye is never easy, however I did have to say goodbye to Sean and to my friends who live in LA and also to my amazing villa. Hoping that I will be able to take part of this dream again.


if you want to read my full review about #MyLuxuryRetreat click here, If you feel like reading an interview I gave to Colleen from about my stay click here and if you just want to book the same amazing luxury villa I stayed in click here (tell them that you are friends with me)

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