Coco Reef Resort Bermuda- Just Average

After reading so many good reviews about Coco Reef Bermuda I decided to book this hotel for my 4 days stay on the Island.

It took me almost 30 minutes and cost around $32 (it’s an expensive Island!) to get from the airport to the hotel (you’ll see many taxis when you get out of the main gate at the airport).

Old Style Hotel Entry

When I arrived at the lobby there was only one guy at the reception who was very formal and not that welcoming (looked tired to be honest), he didn’t bother to explain me anything about the area or the hotel facilities. I did get envelop with magazine and map.

I better not say what I thought when I saw the lobby

I better not say what I thought when I saw the lobby

The room was very old style design and furnished. It was big and I had nice balcony overseeing the Bach, however there are better rooms with better view. Mine was on the second row facing the beach while others are first row. There’s coffee machine in the room which was great.

Made me feel like I'm back to the 80's

Made me feel like I’m back to the 80’s

The pool looked nice, however I didn’t use it at all. Nice thing is that there’s proper shower room near the pool so on my last day, even though I already checked out, I could get shower (make sure to bring your own shampoo and soap for this one). Wi-Fi in the room had bad signal probably for being far from the router.

Didn't use the pool at all! I love the beach!

Didn’t use the pool at all! I love the beach!

10 minutes walk from the hotel there’s a grocery store and also the bus station, You can buy bus token from the hotel reception (I only knew that after asking about the bus on my second day).

last view of the room

last view of the room, There’s a fridge in the room so I could storage all the things I bought from (the expensive) grocery store.

When I wanted to have coffee at the lobby I was told that I can sit at the bar outside and someone would come to serve me. Although it was empty, I waited ten minutes to be served and when that didn’t happened I decided to leave without having anything (thank god for coffee machine in the room).

Thank god for coffee in the room

Thank god for coffee in the room

To summarise, the hotel needs to be update and staff to be more excited (friendly) and tired, I tend to believe (and hoping) that on peek season they are much more active and enthusiastic about their guests. It was a shame because this could make my stay so much better. Since that after 6pm every day, when the sun set, I spent my time in the room while I could be around the hotel facilities. If I would choose to stay there again?! Not sure at all.

Here’s how it looked like through video:

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