Hillside Beach Club Turkey- My Video Diary

After posting my so many photos on my Instagram account (ido8all) and the blog about Hillside Beach Club in Turkey I got some messages (Text and Facebook) from people asking me for more. So I thought “Why more photos if I have videos”?

So for the first time in my blog (officially), here’s my video diary at Hillside Beach Club:

1- Getting there, but first woke up at 4:00am… yeah yeah… I am lil’ sleepy but still thinking of you so I took this video. stansted airport was bad, however the most amazing thing on my journey there was the ride from Dalaman airport to the resort. The driver offered me drinks and let me choose the music, but above all he gave me Ipad to use on the ride + there was WIFI in the car. #Shocked!

2. When I got to Hillside I was welcomed with big smile at the reception (everyone on Hillside give you real big smile). I was so excited to see my room that only after taking the video I realised that I didn’t even turn on the light. Well I think the room looked pretty with and without it. what do you think?

3. Imagine you are lying on your sunbed, enjoying the breeze and the sound of water but then you are tired and too lazy to get out of the sunbed? especially for that (and for me), Hillside has special app – Hillside beach order, that helps you order anything you want to whatever you are at?

4. Ok Ok… I know it’s childish but I really like this app and I kinda got addicted to it so I ordered more and more and more (and checked the timing it take the guy to get me my drink). Have to say that I was #Impressed.

5. Whenever I asked people about Hillside beach club they were bringing memories from what they ate so I was very excited to have my breakfast in the buffet…

6. After eating so much at breakfast I had to do something to make sure that I could eat more in the evening so, the gym was perfect for that. To be honest I was impressed with the gym because it had everything I needed and wanted.

7. The workout was intense and before I go to eat again I need to have a real Turkish Hamam treatment, so I did.

8. Relaxed, Calmed and feeling Cleaned I can now go for dinner. Three restaurants options- This time I went to the… Buffet again 🙂

9. Hillside Out is the company (within Hillside Beach Club) that will provide you tour outside of the resort. From boat trip around the island to Fethiye Market. This one is from my trip to the market.

10. I guess that playing with Hillside beach order app and all the drinks and sun made me super tired because I couldn’t wake up on the morning after for the Yoga class. I did manage to get myself to the Breakfast buffet and enjoy the “never-ending food options”.

11. And there it was… next to the silent beach… Sanda Nature spa- a real Balinese massage

I think that my last video summarize my experience on Hillside. Every day I would be lying on the floating platforms and finish with the carrot cake on Serenity beach and vice versa.

Did you like the new video blog? Do you think i should do more? Did you prefer the written one? Share your thoughts, please!

Hillside Beach Club, Kalemya Koyu PK 123 | 48300 Fethiye / Mugla / Turkiye, Fethiye 48300, Turkey

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