Acme is by far one of the best and cool restaurants in NYC

When I updated my friend John that I am coming to NYC, he notified me that “there’s a place that I must take you to eat…It’s the new best thing in New York”; Without even asking we set the time and he gave me directions where to go – Acme. On my way to Acme I googled it and saw that it’s a “Danish, Scandinavian” restaurant and to be honest, I had no idea what kind of food that’s going to be since I’ve never been to any Scandinavian country. I also saw that the Executive Chef of Acme is  1 Star Michelin Mads Refslund (OMG!!!!). I was very well welcomed by a nice lady who gave me the option to choose the bar or a table, since my friend was late I chose the bar. Even though there were other people on the bar (somewhat packed I would say), the bartender gave me lots of attention, he was trying to understand what I like drinking and then gave me his advise of what to pick from the cocktails’ menu. I usually take white wine, but since he was so kind to explain me what they have I was tempted to get a cocktail – and so I did – Bourbon Maid (old forrester bourbon, lemon, simple, honey, cucumber, mint. The cocktail was amazing just as i liked (I only asked for some salt on the side) and by the time I finished it and ordered another one, my friend arrived.

The only photo I have, is me getting tipsy at the bar

The only photo I have is me getting tipsy at the bar

Since my friend was THE local, I let him order the food based on the fact that we were both hungry. So here’s what we’ve got- Grilled Oysters (celery broth and pine $21) Lamb & Oyster (sunchoke, elderberry $21) Chanterelles (corn and fried duck egg $20) added to this we also shared 19oz medium cooked steak. Everything we ordered and I mean everything was so good. Too good because I forgot to take photos of my food for you (I guess It means that I need to go back and take some photos!). I believe that what made dinner so good besides the ambient and the company (thank you John), was the combination of flavours, the attention to every detail in any plate we got and the quality and fresh ingredients. To summarise all, I need to go back there for the food and for the photos and you need to make your reservations now and just order anything on the menu since you can’t get wrong with any dish you will be served. Can’t wait to be back to Acme. Acme, 9 Great Jones Street, New York City, NY 10012

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