Hillside Beach Club in Turkey is a MUST go for summer vacation

I’ve wanted to go to Hillside beach club for few years after hearing so many good things about it from friends and family (my brother and his wife) and this summer (2014′) the time has arrived. I could feel that this is going to be different experience even in the stage of booking. Everyone was so nice and helpful and gave me all information I needed. When I arrived at the airport in Dalaman I had driver from Hillside waiting for me. It was about one hour drive; I had Wi-Fi in the car and bottle of water. I could even choose the music.

From London to Hillside Beach Club in Turkey

My room (141) was very close to the main dining room and the pool and the theatre. I think that it’s important for you to tell the staff what you are looking for so they could place you in the best area in the resort for your needs. I didn’t have any view from my room; however I barely stayed in it so I really didn’t care. Don’t get me wrong, the room was perfect; the pillows were something to remember (and take home if I could). The room was fully equipped and they left some high quality “hotel souvenirs” from body lotions to electricity adapter (I am coming from London).

Such a comfy bed

When you arrive at the hotel you get a card so whenever you order drinks at the bar it will be taken from your card, no need to carry money. I didn’t even use that card since someone suggested me to download “hillside beach order” app which was brilliant!!! You can sun tan on the floating platforms and with 3 clicks you get your drink. I must admit that I got “addicted” to that app and also to the watermelon shake (they also have amazing lemonade!!!).

The beach order app will make your stay so luxury. My legs and my lemonade

There are two adult only beaches (not nude!) so no kids were allowed to get there. Serenity is really isolated and you can get there by 15 min walk (with amazing view) or you can take Suliman’s boat to get there. Don’t miss the afternoon coffee with the carrot cake. And there’s also the silent beach (no phones allowed!) were you could also do Yoga almost everything morning. The food is something to remember for long long long time.

only adults are welcomed to Serenity beach

There are 3 restaurants in the resort the big dining room in the centre of the resort which had variety of EVERYTHING for EVERYONE (I was amazed that they even had baby food). If you are into fusion Middle Eastern food with great seafood don’t miss Pasha Restaurant (it’s free, you just need to make reservations). The Italian restaurant was good for the vibe; however I preferred the food at the other two restaurants. The pool was a beauty but I skipped it and chose the beach Oh if you don’t want to gain weight, make sure to bring sports clothes and shoes because the gym is amazing!!!!! I went every day and was really surprised that they had anything I needed there. If you are into tennis, you can do that too (wasn’t my thing to be honest). I noticed that there are areas for kids for all ages, means every age group had their own activities which was cool because it meant that I wasn’t bothered by kids 😉

Don’t forget to bring your tennis outfit

Almost Every evening there was show or party by the entertainment team. I saw the wizard of OZ which was nice, however I missed Michael Jackson tribute (must see!!!).

some music for when the sun sets

One day of my stay I took a half day tour for the market in Fettiya, I don’t think it would be something that I would repeat… (too hot and humid and I kinda missed the beach and Hillside). There are two spas one with Jacuzzi and saunas and one is located inside forest and the therapists are from Bali which gave it special vibe and the treatment was great.

Nature Spa is where you are going to be extra relaxed


• You must try the Elchin Toast on breakfast.

• Every morning don’t forget to take big bottle of water

• Spend your afternoon at serenity beach with the carrot cake.

• Download the beach order app

• Go to the gym

• Must have Turkish Hamam treatment (ask for Türkan).

• Be friendly and talk to other guests- I’ve met so many good people over there and actually made friends with one special family (it was there sixth time in hillside I think).

Floating platforms- my favourite spot

Bottom line, after spending an amazing and unforgettable week in Hillside beach club, I definitely see myself going back there, it might be expensive however it’s worth every penny. While staying there you feel like someone was thinking of every single detail to give you return for your “investment”.

You don't need to take much to Hillside Beach Club...

You don’t need to take much to Hillside Beach Club…

Hillside Beach club- Kalemya Koyu PK 123 | 48300 Fethiye / Mugla / Turkiye, Fethiye 48300, Turkey

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