Great Rooftop bar with beautiful view in Downtown Lisbon

If you are looking to have a beautiful view of Lisbon and just to chill alone (I saw one reading a book for two hours) or with friends (I had the best companion ever), I would definitely recommend you to try the rooftop bar at Hotel Do Chiado in downtown Lisbon (free entry!!! you only need to get yourself something to drink or eat, no minimum).

Stunning view of Lisbon's castle

Stunning view of Lisbon’s castle

I know it says “Bar” in its’ name, but you don’t need to go there only for alcohol drinks, we went for only coffees on sunset time and it was beautiful and chill out time to enjoy Lisbon’s vibe.

Great place for coffee or tea to Chill with friends

Great place for coffee or tea to Chill with friends

They also serve food there, however I haven’t tried it; The prices for everything were decent.


Rolanda, My local friend ,told me that she’s happy that not so many are aware of this bar so it’s never packed and always have room to sit outside and enjoy the view, but I had to share it with you, so hope you enjoy this “tip” and take lots of beautiful photos of Lisbon.


Hotel do Chiado– Rua Nova do Almada 114, 1200-290 Lisboa, Portugal

Here’s a video I did about Lisbon from this beautiful Rooftop Bar.

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