10 Tips for planning a Road Trip with friends

After Planning 5 days road trip from Madrid to Lisbon and from Lisbon to Madrid for almost a month and after experiencing it, here are my 10 tips for your next road trip:

  1. Get yourself comfortable car since you are going to spend loads of time in it. It will cost you more money but it will pay back (we have BMW , which was great), or else your back will be in pain.
  2. Since you will probably not going to do this road trip on your own, make sure that you all set the expectations of this trip; If someone is into “history” and museums while others are just interested in food, coffee and cultural experience, otherwise one side will be disappointed (luckily, I chose wisely and had great companion, thanks Ira, Guy and Alma)My friends are my family- Guy, Ira and Alma
  3. Try to buy Local SimCard in Advance with Data in it (at least for the first country you star with)– For Spain we’ve bought 1GB data here (28.5 euros for 1GB)– and After we’ve crossed the Spanish border we bought another Portuguese SimCard in Vodafone in Evora (1GB for 15 euros, if you add 15 euros more you can get 15GB more)
  4. Don’t cross the 400KM per day.
  5. Try to have at least one stop every two hours- even if it’s just for coffee or short walk.
  6. When preparing the sightseeing in every stop (city), make sure you have the address for it as well.
  7. If you are sharing this experience with friends, get yourself a shared budget (in shared wallet) that would be used for gas, parking, snacks and water for the way. And if you are all “same eaters” then you could share this for food too (or at least when it’s only coffees stops), so then no need to bother splitting the bill all the time.
  8. Stay at least two nights in those cities where you can explore the surrounding area and come back. As much as it sounds “fun” to stay in different hotels, its not, since you need to pack everything every day and get in the car back and forth.
  9. It’s better to send yourself “location” when you park the car, so you’ll be able to let yourself “get lost” in the new city but not lose your car or time by trying to find it
  10. Take loads of photos and share your experience with friends. If you are taking photos with camera and thinking of sharing #Latergram photos on your social media accounts I would recommend you to get the app Geotag which will help you to add the location after to the camera’s photos. Also, get yourself in advance the local # so it would be easy to add that to your photos

Hope you find my Road Trip planning tip useful. you are more than welcome to comment and share your experience.

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