Important Tips For London

Two years living in London and hosting all the time helped me get some “tour guide skills” therefore if you are Planning a visit To London here are some tips from me to you that can make you visit in London much better.


  • The best way to understand London’s underground and transportation in general is to Download the App- CityMapper. This is a great app that will show you directions in London as well as trains and buses to take. You don’t need to have 3G for using it, you just need it to set your journey. So find a place with WIFI, set your journey and start walking (traveling) to your next destination.CITYMAPPER
  • Transportation from the London airport to your hotel- after you’ve downloaded CityMapper, run search from your arrival airport to the hotel. I wouldn’t rush on using “Heathrow express” or “Gatwick Express”. From Heathrow you have the underground and from Gatwick you can get either the trainline or Easybus which can also take you from Luton airport.


  • Buy Oyster Card at the Airport-The card will cost you £5 and you will need to top it up with money. Since the maximum use per day is about £8, I would recommend you to calculate the days you are staying with this amount.  If you will have money left on your Oyster Card, you will be able to claim the money back on the Airport station (and also to get back your £5 deposit). I wouldn’t recommend you to do daily card, since you will pay the total of £9 and if you didn’t use it much, then you won’t get any money back.oYSTER


  • If you know that you will need and use taxis, you should download UBER which is cheap pick up service (make sure you are ordering UberX which is the cheapest service option). You can use my UNER code k9pup for discount.


  • GiffGaff– if you have unlocked phone and you want to have good package for calls and unlimited data plan (monthly), I would totally recommend you to order yourself GiffGaff SimCard. you can actually order it to your hotel, just make sure to call them and let them know that you might get post mail upon your arrival giffgaff_goodybags


Hope you find my Tips from London useful and by that I could help your stay in the city so much better. I will update this list from time to time, so stay tuned.

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