Don’t Fly with Lufthansa- Worse service ever

I usually try to be very positive and give good feedback when I can, but on this case I have to share with you my terrible experience with Lufthansa. And when I suggest you not to fly with Lufthansa, I mean it because they have the worse costumer service I’ve ever dealt with. and to be honest, I feel very bad for the people who work on their social media accounts because besides of apologizing they can’t really do anything.

So this is my bad experience with Lufthansa…

As some of you may know, my dad was visiting me three weeks ago from Israel and after his stay here, he was planning on going to Frankfurt. Unfortunately, while my dad was here, we got the terrible news that our beloved old dog Jenny died (at the age of 16.5). On that evening, I booked the one way ticket flight for my dad from London to Frankfurt. When I was looking for rates, I found many cheap companies and offers, but my dad insisted to book with Lufthansa. So I booked the flight for him with Lufthansa.

Less than 48 hours later, when he arrived at the airport in the morning, we realized that I’ve made a mistake on the website and book the flight for the exact day but a week later.

Mistakenly clicked on the 27 instead of 20 (In May)

Mistakenly clicked on the 27 instead of 20 (In May)

When my dad was asking about an option to change the flight and hop on the one on that day, he was told that he need to pay almost £140, which is even more than what we paid for the ticket. When he explained the mistake they said “there’s nothing to do, you can claim a £40 refund but you will have to pay the £140”. So we’ve claimed the refund on the website and when my dad ask to pay the fee, he was told “oh, you claimed the refund, you can’t get the ticket for that rate, you will have to pay about £230 now”. My dad was on the phone with me, shocked and unfortunately he had to pay the money they were asking. If you wondered the flight was not full and there were lots of empty seats in economy.

On that day, I contacted Lufthansa’s costumer’s service through their email on the website and it’s been more than two weeks and I got no respond from them and guess what?! they didn’t even give my dad the refund. So wait, Lufthansa you’ve charged my dad for £250 because he claimed his refund and he didn’t even give it back?

Sent an email to Lufthansa on the same day

Sent an email to Lufthansa on the same day

I understand that for the mistake I’ve made while booking online, we should pay, but the total amount  they charged my dad at the end (total of more than £400 for one way ticket from London to Frankfurt in Economy) I think it’s disgrace.

I’ve posted couple of message on my twitter about it and tagged Lufthansa and the poor girls that are running their social media accounts couldn’t do anything besides saying that they apologize and forward my complain to costumer care who are “dealing with backlog”. for real? a big company like Lufthansa is not responding costumers because of dealing with too much inquires? ‘surprisingly” the backlog didn’t stop you of charging outrages rates but to respond your costumers it did.

I guess Lufthansa's costumer care doesn't care about their social media colleagues.

I guess Lufthansa’s costumer care doesn’t care about their social media colleagues.

Lufthansa's Backlog, not when it comes to charging you

Lufthansa’s Backlog, not when it comes to charging you

Looking at Lufthansa’s Facebook wall you will see hundreds of complains a day, which means, we are not the only ones who suffers from their bad service.

6 days without her luggage and now update about it

6 days without her luggage and now update about it

Over Charging and not being transparent to costumers

Over Charging and not being transparent to costumers

So to summarize all, don’t fly with Lufthansa because they have backlog and if you’ll have any problem with them, you will never hear back from them. Lufthansa has the worse costumer service ever, did I mention it?

Experience bad service with Lufthansa? please write below on comment so other people can read and be warned.



Few hours after posting this blog Lufthansa finally responded (took the 3 weeks to get back to us)- “gesture of goodwill we have requested a full refund of the original ticket 220-2345259611 to the relevant department” – which is somewhat decent respond, meaning that for the mistake we’ve made we paid 2 times ticket and not 3 time ticket. I know that many other companies in this case charge pantly of £50. I hope Lufthansa will “enjoy” our £115 extra they’ve got from us.

And one more thing that Lufthansa wrote, “Please allow 6-8 weeks for the money to be credited to the account. We are regrettably unable to speed up the transaction process.”- I wonder if this could work vise versa, that us as costumer can pay Lufthansa 6-8 weeks after flying with them. I guess not.


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