The restaurant you don’t want to miss in London

You are hungry and thinking where to go to eat in London and what’s the best place you don’t want to miss in the city? The Palomar might be what you are looking for; Living in London is very challenging in many ways; Besides the unstable weather and deciding what to wear in the morning, it’s also very hard to find an amazing restaurant that will make you want to wish you could eat more. For me, usually it’s a lot of compromising when it comes to dinning here, otherwise I would be disappointed at all times. Well guess what? Not anymore.


Amazing way of serving…. Oyster!

The Palomar in Soho will change your perspective about food and what comes with it (the vibe and personal touch); Sitting at the bar area (no reservations needed, only walk ins) and seeing your food being freshly cooked and made in front of you would make you want to order the whole menu (“what is she eating? Can I have the same thing he is making there?”). * There’s also reservations area but to me, you would be missing the whole experience.


Treasure on my plate

The restaurant is owned and managed by two very successful Food and gourmet masters from Israel (also the owners of the famous Machne Yuda in Jerusalem) Chef Assaf Granit and chef Yossi Elad (aka Pappi), who made sure that their costumer will get the best experience ever (and would also think of coming back). If you ever go there, tell Pappi/ Assaf that Ido Simyoni sent you.


With Chef Yossi Elad

With Chef Assaf Granit

As for the food, I can’t really repeat all the dishes I’ve had (because I was eating a lot), but I’d highlight for you the Polenta (don’t take the mini! take the regular dish… too good!), shakshukit, Cornfed chicken and the Fricasee (which I didn’t eat, but It looked so good! will try on my next visit).


Cornfed Chicken – cooked in buttermilk & Jerusalem mixed spices with baby carrot & freekeh

The combinations of the high quality ingredients are what making it so special


It’s all about the combination- Sweetbread Bourekas

For dessert – be brave and try the tahini ice cream. Trust me, you won’t regret it! The Malabi is also something that you don’t want to miss.


On the left- The brilliant Tahini ice cream. On the right the great Malabi.

As mentioned above, besides the amazing food it’s also lots about the atmosphere, from the music to the mega friendly chefs that will explain you exactly what your eating if you missed a part while they were making it, which will make your experience more personalized and special.


I’m also very happy to see you and my Shakshukit

I think I’ve just found my new favorite restaurant in London!!!! The Palomar, 34 Rupert Street, London W1D 6DN


There was also bread – Kubaneh- Yameni pot baked bread served with Tahini and velvet tomatoes

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