Must Do In Tel Aviv

Many of my friends are asking me about Israel and if it’s worth going and what’s there to do?

so my answer to them is DEFINITELY YES!

I’ve been travelling all over the world and visited more than 60 cities from Sydney to the Buenos Aires, from Bangkok to Montreal and I can shout it out loud – Israel is amazing country to visit because of its’ variety and so many things to do and see.

So let’s start with Tel Aviv…

Here are the Must See and Do (and eat) in Tel Aviv-


Nachlat Binyamin

  • Carmel Market is open every day, except Saturday and sells variety of items from souvenirs to fake underwear, from  home accessories to flowers and food.
  • Shenkin Street nice shopping street with few coffee-shops and restaurants. Sus Etz (Shenkin St 20) is a nice place to eat and if you are looking for jewelry look for “Dave Shwatz Jewlery Design” (Shenkin St 19) and tell him that Ido Simyoni sent you.
  • Jaffa Port (don’t mix it with Tel Aviv new Port)- there’s new farmers market over there, don’t miss it!
  • Jaffa Flea Market (look for the amazing ice-cream shop Cfitolinh).
Flea Market in Jaffa

Jaffa Flea Market for the experience (not sure you will buy anything there)

  • If you are looking for shopping you can go to 3 places- Azrieli Center, Dizengoff Center and Tel Aviv Port. In Israel you can find all brands for clothing like Zara and Mango, but if you are into some of the Israeli fashion brands- check out Castro, Renuar, Fox, TNT and Honigman. For more unique designers check out SugarDaddy (Shenkin 39).

Best Food in Tel Aviv-

Great restaurant owned by friend Omer of mine with amazing food is HaShulhan on 73 Rothschild Street. My favorite dishes are:

  1. Pumpkin and ricotta sweets (with sage butter, sweet potatoes, truffles, parmesan)
  2. Egg schnitzel, garam masala, crisp shallots, spring onion, Thai vinaigrette
Omer miller

Chef Omer Miller cooks his food with lots of soul

Another great fancy restaurant with food that you’ll remember is Herbert Samuel which has high standards of good quality food and service. 6 Koifman St, Tel Aviv.


Herbert Samuel- Don’t miss the tomato salad!

If Seafood is your thing, then you would want to sit at Goocha – best dish on the menu is Shrimp and Beef fillet gnocchi. 171 Dizengoff St.


Goocha’s Shrimp and Beef fillet gnocchi

if you are looking for good Coffee Shop chain there’s very chic and trendy place called Loveat and they have 4-5 in the city. Try the Vietnamese salad and granita coffee.


Loveat, because they make their food and coffee with Love 😉

Also great very Tel Aviv trendy coffee shop is Jeremiah, my favorites over there are Quinoa Salad (ask to add chicken to it) and the chopped Liver. don’t miss the Chocolate volcano. Send my love to Gibor and Tut.

One of the trendiest places for breakfasts in Tel Aviv is called Bendict and it serves breakfasts 24/7. It used to be one of my favorite places but I think that with the years it became less good as it was. If you are just visiting, I have the feeling you would love it! Ben Yehuda 171.


Eggs Royal at Bendict

Must EAT- For great authentic street food you would want to check Frishman Falafel & Frishman Sabich. Go for the sabich (Israeli sandwich, consisting of pita stuffed with fried eggplant and hard boiled eggs). I would recommend to ask without Amba (tangy mango pickle). Frishman 44 st. [Corner of Dizengoff and Frishman].


Street food- Sabich! love it!

After a night out when you are super drunk and need something to eat there are two options- Tony Vespa Pizza (140 Rothschild st) or go for Burger and great fries at Brasserie (70 Ibn Gvirol St.)


After a night out you go to Brasserie to eat Burger!

Another good Hamburgers to be found at Wolfnights (67 Ibn Gvirol St. / 40 Liliblum st/ 53 Yehuda Maccabi st)

On Saturday mornings- Try to find Jachnun (Yemenite Jewish pastry).


Jachnun, only on Saturdays

Looking for some Asian Food? Giraffe Noodle Bar– my two favorites are Chieza-  Beef filet and eggplants in a sweet spicy sauce. Served with rice or The Afghan Dish Chicken thigh filets, bacon, leeks, green onions and peanuts in a soy-caramel sauce. With steamed rice, 49 Even Gvirol st


The Afghan Dish

for sushi I would say go to FU SUSHI– the Crispy combination is my favorite and also you should try the Tom Yum Soup, Yermiyahu St 32

tom yum1

I am always asking for Extra spicy, Tom Yum soup


Crispy combination


Gordon beach and Topsea beach are my favorites and on summer days they can be very crowded so try get there early to get a spot. Next to Gordon beach there’s a salted water pool – Gordon Pool- in case you are not into the sand.

If you are quite “advnetrous” and want to discover Tel Aviv’s new beaches (less crowded as well) I would recommend you the one the is norther to Tel Aviv Port (you need to go to the port, cross the north bridge and then walk to the port).

Transportation in Tel Aviv:

public transportation is very easy in Tel Aviv you have yellow public taxis number 5 and number 4 and it costs about £1.5/$2 (6 shekels) for ride. Taxi 5 takes you all long Dizengoff street and number 4 will get you close to the beach and ending at Tel Aviv Port.


Public taxis – number 4 / 5

if you take private taxi usually it’s better to ask for meter reading otherwise, they might take advantage that you are tourist and try to get extra money.

Local Sim Cards- 

if your phone is unlocked you can buy in almost every grocery store local Sim Card that you need to top up.

This Blog post might be updated from Time to Time (for example, I didn’t mention Tel Aviv’s nightlife) so stay tuned.


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