Looking for Good Steak in London?

I’ve been living in London for more than a year now and one of my challenges here was to find good Steak because I love eating meat.

One night, I had craving for steak and remembered that there’s an old style Steak House next to my house- Popeseye (I walk by it every morning), so I decided to give it a try.

When I got it, it felt little bit old school place as I was welcome and warned “we don’t accept cards, only cash”. So I had to withdraw money from the next store and get back to the restaurant.

On the menu I could spot four kinds of steaks- Fillet, Sirloin, T-Bone and Ribeye- I chose the medium 8oz fillet and also took a side salad. When I got the fillet I realized that I should have asked for Medium rare cause I like my steak more red than i got it, But don’t worry, the meat was so good that I wasn’t disappointing at all. The Steak arrived with fries and variety of sauces. Side salad was nice as well if you like mustard sauce.

I would only recommend them to get Tabsco for those who like spicy, garlic butter.

Besides the food, Me and my friend ordered white wine from New Zealand which was good as well.

To summarize all, great food and again – rare to find good steak in London so I totally recommend it as I already went there 3 times after my first visit.

Nice ammount of fries for two

Bon Apetit




108 Blythe Road, Kensington Olympia, W14 0HD

Tel: 020 7610 4578
Open Mon-Sat: 7pm till 11:30pm
Last orders at 10:00pm


Just in case you wondered- Popeseye is the Scots name for rump steak!


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