Five days visit in Hamilton Island, Australia

I never thought I would ever go to Australia. Why? because it’s too far? However a friend’s message (Amit) text message led me to an experience of a lifetime- In Australia. The message said “Hamilton Island is running an Instagram competition; you must win it, its heaven”. Oh boy, he was so right. Double right actually! I had to win because it was heaven and who doesn’t want to go to heaven?

After getting my visa to Australia (don’t forget you need one) and a long flight from London to Sydney, it was only a short one (just over two hours) to Hamilton Island. I arrived in a place, where I could forget about everything and anything that bothered my mind and just relax and enjoy a real holiday.


I think it took me a day to really understand what was going on at the island, but when I did, I had two options; I could rest the whole weekend enjoying the good food, different pools and beaches or I could explore all the activities that the island has to offer and there are quite few. I, of course, chose to do everything I could; I didn’t fly all the way from London just to work on my sun tan.


From getting around the island using a golf buggy (very easy to drive and will help you get around) and hugging the local Koalas, to climbing the highest mountain and watching the amazing sunrise from its highest peak (great exercise as well), and playing golf at the golf club to the must-do Jet Ski adventurous (not for the faint hearted) tour around the island, which gave me the opportunity to get some amazing exotic water shots.


And above all, the highlight of my stay in Hamilton Island was Whitehaven Beach and the Great Barrier Reef, which is about 20 minutes by Seaplane (another amazing experience) from Hamilton Island; Diving and observing the magical underwater world with the exotic fish and big sea turtles and then cool down with great seafood on the white sand beach was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life and I would love to get the opportunity to do again. Note to self – don’t miss that!!!


For all food lovers, like me, you are going to get a culinary experience that your stomach will appreciate for a long time in every restaurant you will be visiting on the Island (I think I tried 6, but there were more). From the smart Asian CoCa Chu to the great service and food I had in Bommie and to one of the best meals I have ever eaten in my whole life, thanks to the Scottish chef, Alastair in qualia’s restaurant. Speaking of qualia, if you have the money, I’d definitely recommend you stay there, this resort was designed to give you the “Wow factor” to your vacation; everything over there, from the rooms to pools, to food and design brought a big smile of satisfaction on my face.


I don’t know the next time I’ll visit Australia, but when I do, I am definitely going to try and get myself another #return2paradise experience on Hamilton Island.


 This is a Blog that I Originally for, however I tweaked it a bit and had to share it with you as well.

If you want to see me in the Today Show in Australia-

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